Yildiz Technical University places special emphasis on sustainable campus initiatives and conservation of biodiversity within the scope of smart and green campus approach. We are focusing on issues such as biodiversity loss taking place at greater pace due to climate change, soil erosion, deforestation on university campuses and in projects at a global level.

In this context, actions are being taken towards preventing biodiversity loss and enriching the biodiversity elements on campuses following environmental and situational analyses. The first stage of those activities, which is situational analysis, has recently been completed and published here.

Following that, initiatives towards creating an inventory of biodiversity elements on campuses. First things first, plant inventories have been completed and made available for access by the campus residents and plant tags were attached to the plants at the frequently visited areas on campuses in order to create and reinforce environmental awareness. Other initiatives towards the determination of plants and animals over forest areas on campuses are in preparation stage.

Another pillar of efforts into the protection and enrichment of biodiversity on campuses is to put together awareness programs for the residents on campuses. The coordinated efforts of university stakeholders are extremely important for this matter. Within this scope, artificially created ponds, biological reserve areas outside the reach of campus residents, and the proactive conservation of the current ecosystems on campuses are included in the biodiversity action plan of the university.

Finally, Yildiz Technical University does not only confine natural conservation efforts to its campuses. The university goes out of its way to create carbon sinks over the areas which lost their forest land qualities and to stand firm in its efforts to prevent biodiversity loss by protecting ecosystems across the city.