By decarbonizing the campuses, it is aimed to minimize or neutralize carbon levels. Yıldız Technical University supports ecological mobility with its advanced pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, bicycle rental and regular bicycle parking areas. The active use of scooters by the staff and the opportunity to rent scooters for other residents provide ease of access while reducing carbon emissions.

An easy transportation-oriented development is adopted with regular shuttles between the university’s Yıldız and Davutpaşa campuses, on-campus and on the campus-metrobus line. The use of individual vehicles is reduced with the personnel shuttle service between the residences and the campuses. Automobile dependency is minimized by encouraging students, staff, and other residents to use public transportation.



Bicycle Transportation

*Where can I park my bicycle on campus?

YTU Davutpaşa campus has a developed bicycle route for easy access to facilities (faculty, library, administrative building, food and beverage areas, gym, etc.).

There are 9 bicycle parking areas for the arrival points of the bicycles.


Bicycle parking areas:

  • Gate A
  • Yildiz Cafe
  • Dormitories
  • Faculty of Education
  • Library
  • Gate B
  • Dining Hall
  • Technopark
  • School of Foreign Languages

On-campus bicycle path and parking spaces (Bicycle path is indicated with white lines, bicycle parking spaces with green pins and campus area with turquoise line.).

*Where can I have my bicycle repaired on campus?

The BICYCLE CENTER offers students and university residents the opportunity to repair bicycles. You can easily reach the bicycle distribution center and repair workshop on Davutpaşa campus.