1st National Student Cartoon Contest titled “Sustainability in Urban Environment”

The prizes have been awarded to the winners of the National Carton Contest titled “Sustainability in Urban Environment” with participating students from 41 universities.

On March 7th, 2021

Yildiz Technical University places sustainability at the core of its vision and mission and aligns sustainable development goals with the goals stated in the national development vision document of Turkey. For this reason, by approaching the term sustainability from an integrative perspective, the university attaches utmost importance to interdisciplinary cooperation among many disciplines from engineering and life sciences to architecture and administrative and economic sciences.

In this context, the winners of the National Cartoon Contest titled Sustainability in Urban Environment have been awarded their prizes. The contest, which was organized by the YTU Sustainable Campus Committee, was aimed at raising awareness about the natural and environmental problems using the power of art and urging the next generation to approach those problems from a critical and inclusive perspective during the trying days by which environmental issues are gaining grave concern. Although there are 10 works of art that have been awarded prizes, the university will plant one tree in the name of all participants. On the other hand, the university also shows true allegiance to improving the well-being expectancy of the future generations and open new horizons for its current stakeholders where they can get a grasp of the natural and environmental problems from an artistic point of view.

Raising awareness through student engagement within the scope of sustainable development plays a crucial role in the fulfillment of the societal impact function of higher education institutions. Yildiz Technical University always prefers to go out of its way to create an atmosphere where student engagement is pritoritized.

An exhibit of the selected works out of the 166 applicants will be on display at the exhibition hall (Tarihi Hamam) on Davutpaşa Campus.

In order to visit the exhibit online, please click here: https://bit.ly/3uP3TLZ