On the path to becoming a globally leading university with a human-centered approach and scientific, technological, and social dimensions, Yıldız Technical University continues to implement sustainability policies, which are the roadmap for its sustainable campuses, and to shape the future.

Yıldız Technical University, which brings together its activities in smart, green, and accessible sustainable campuses, is making step-by-step progress towards achieving international excellence in education, teaching, and research, and publishes examples of the innovative ideas and practices it implements in its annual Sustainable Campus Reports.

Yıldız Technical University, which offers shining campuses by prioritizing both national and international quality standards, continues to consistently enhance its services and activities.

Yıldız Technical University, with its livable and safe campuses, offers a healthy and high-quality working environment. By supporting decent employment, it contributes to stable, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth.

Yıldız Technical University, mitigating the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and infectious diseases through provided hygiene conditions and infection control measures, continues to maintain healthy and clean campuses. The university is vigorously pursuing its educational and research and development activities.

Yıldız Technical University has established a comprehensive and effective environmental management system on its campuses, designing its activities to minimize all kinds of environmental impacts within the scope of environmental sustainability principles.

Yıldız Technical University has become the first state university in Turkey to receive the zero waste certificate, by establishing an effective, accurate, comprehensive, efficient, and highly participatory waste management model on its campuses.

Step by step towards zero emissions on campuses: By 2025, carbon-neutralization of emissions from energy sources; by 2030, achieving zero carbon in direct and indirect primary activities; and by 2050, zero emissions in direct and indirect secondary activities.

Yıldız Technical University, by protecting and enhancing ecosystems on its campuses, brings together activities and innovative projects that support their sustainable use. The university contributes to the preservation of forests, wetlands, and biodiversity.

Yıldız Technical University has established its policies and directives, setting a roadmap to raise awareness and sensitivity among staff, students, and relevant stakeholders in the areas of human rights protection, development, adherence to the principle of equality, providing equal opportunity in accessing fundamental rights and freedoms, and combating discrimination.

With the prepared Gender Equality Plan, Yıldız Technical University has identified the priority issues requiring intervention in social gender equality and determined the actions to be taken through conducted analyses. With these arrangements, Yıldız Technical University aims to end gender inequalities in education and strengthen the fight against all forms of discrimination.

With its enacted policies and implemented international standards, Yıldız Technical University has established its policy to ensure maximum efficiency and governance in sustainable investment policies, in the light of the laws it is subject to, and to apply sustainable investment in all operations.

Through its enacted policies and adherence to international standards, Yıldız Technical University has defined its policy to ensure maximum efficiency and governance in sustainable investment policies, in accordance with the laws it is subject to. This policy aims to implement sustainable investment across all operations.

Yıldız Technical University adopts sustainable procurement processes, considering the social, economic, or global impacts of its activities. It monitors purchasing mechanisms and procurement processes at every stage through a sustainability perspective, developing internal policies for both academic and administrative units’ practices within the framework of applicable laws.

Directive concerning the protection of Yıldız Technical University’s staff, students, guests, and other stakeholders from the harms of tobacco products, and the procedures and principles regarding the arrangements and measures to be taken on university campuses.