Yildiz Technical University Davutpaşa Campus isolates itself in a spatial identity from the city thanks to its unique historical features and natural properties. YTU aims to increase the well-being of its surroundings, campus residents and environment involved in it by preserving this collective memory.  Adopting a green campus approach, YTU aims to achieve the quality of a sustainable campus by raising awareness regarding the solutions to environmental problems, reduction of the effects of climate change, issues in disaster management, self-sustaining energy systems, waste management, and protecting water.

The amount of porous and green surfaces has been increased; drainage systems have been enhanced in order to maintain the natural cycle of water throughout the campus within the scope of water management. Water flow over firm ground is prevented thanks to the application of water-permeable pavements, walking paths, and grid systems. Reduction in the amount of firm ground also prevents nonpoint-source pollution with pollutants carried over firm ground. Also, rainwater is directed to the dams through the sewer system thanks to porous surfaces in the natural cycle. Therefore, the university contributes to energy-saving and cost reduction.