According to the UI GreenMetric 2023 World University Rankings, YTU ranks 244 on the list of “the top sustainable universities in the world”.

Yıldız Technical University has risen to 244th place in the UI GreenMetric ranking, where the campuses of the world’s distinguished universities are evaluated in terms of the proportion of green areas and sustainability, thanks to its sustainable campus initiatives.

Established in 2010 with the aim of increasing awareness about sustainability and promoting internationalization, GreenMetric annually evaluates the world’s distinguished universities in various fields such as campus setting, infrastructure, energy, climate change, recycling, water resources, transportation, and education. GreenMetric scores universities separately for each evaluation area and ranks them based on their total scores obtained from these assessments.

According to the 2020 results of the UI GreenMetric World University Ranking System, Yıldız Technical University has climbed 19 steps in one year to secure the 244th position among the most distinguished universities.

Last year, ranked 263rd globally among 780 universities, Yıldız Technical University has continued its efforts unabated towards becoming a more environmentally friendly, greener, and sustainable campus. As a result, the university increased its total score in 2019 from 5675 to 6425. Specifically, in the Waste category, the score rose from 800 to 1050; in the Transportation category, from 1250 to 1525; and in the Education and Research category, from 1050 to 1275.

In efforts ranging from infrastructure to energy, recycling to efficient use of water resources, and transportation to education, Yıldız Technical University, in collaboration with its members, has adopted an approach respectful to nature and humanity. The goal is to create a happy and peaceful environment for all campus residents and to foster a consciousness that respects both people and the environment.